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5 New Year Marriage Proposal Ideas

New Years Eve is one of the most popular dates to get engaged. This date is filled with emotional meaning, and is symbolic for new beginnings. One this date being surrounded by your love ones and the festive environment will give you the perfect setting to ask the BIG question “Will you marry me?’. If you decide to pick this date to pop the questions, here are 5 fun ideas to help inspire your proposal:

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1. Write it in the Snow:

If you live in a snowy state, the winter snow can be your canvas. Get creative and write your favorite lines. This big advantage of using snow is you can “erase” any errors. If you want to go for something special but simple, drawing a big heart in the snow is also a beautiful idea.

Trace a heart or your initials in the snow for a wintery engagement photo.


2. Proposal with Balloons:

New Year celebrations usually include balloons. Write your message in a balloon or buy a customized balloon for the occasion. Your significant other will surely appreciate this fun and thoughtful idea.


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3.  Champagne Toast:

Hide your ring in a champagne glass! If you are the one giving the toast, this will get everyone’s attention. If you want to be extra romantic, we recommend getting down in one knee before asking the question.


Wow! This ring shot is so cool.
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4. Get your loved ones to help:

Plan the surprise with the help of your family and friends. They can help out by holding a sign that says “Will you marry me?”.


"We finally got to the area and started to walk towards the ice skating rink. All of a sudden I saw thirty of our closest family and friends holding up signs lit up saying 'Will you marry me?'"


5. The Countdown:

Wait until midnight, the big countdown for the new year will help build up the excitement. As soon as everyone is done saying Happy New Year, tell your significant other you don’t want to spend another minute of the year away from them, and ask the question!

Top 10 dates to get engaged

What are the Top 10 Dates to get engaged?

According to various statistics from Wedding Wire, there are a few specific dates throughout the year when engagements occur. The holidays seem to be the most popular dates.

Here is a list of the TOP 10 most popular dates to get engaged:

  1. Christmas Day
  2. Valentine’s Day
  3. Christmas Eve
  4. New Year’s Day
  5. The Saturday before Christmas
  6. Two Saturdays before Christmas
  7. New Year’s Eve
  8. The Friday before Christmas


Our Top 3 Favorite Wedding Photographers in Detroit

Are you recently engaged or helping someone plan their wedding? If so, you might be asking yourself who are the best wedding photographers in the Detroit area? We are here to help. Our experienced staff put together a list of their 3 favorite wedding photographers. All these photographers work in the Detroit Metro area.

1. The Camera Chick:

You can visit their website at The name of the owner is Sandy. She works together with her husband, and the two of them make a great team. Their wedding pictures are breathtaking. They are one of our favorite vendors because they will work with couple to make sure they get the shoots they are looking for. If you want to contact them visit their site or call them at 586.216.4983.

2. Kelly Stork Photography:

Kelly specializes in family photography. The reason we like her photos is because of her ability to capture emotions with her camera. She is more than a wedding photographer this is why she is able to bring very creative elements to all her photos. To contact her visit her website:

Kelly Stock Photography: Kelly specializes in family photography. The reason we like her photos is because of her ability to capture emotions with her camera. She is more than a wedding photographer this is why she is able to bring very creative elements to all her photos. To contact her visit her website

3. Maria Lisa Portraiture:

We love the photos Maria Lisa takes. She is able to capture magical moments with her lens that are very short and easy to miss. She enjoys being able to work with couples and helping them get the best memories out of their special day. To contact Maria Lisa visit her site or call (586) 747-3008

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Brentwood's Favorite Florists

Brentwood’s Favorite Wedding Florists

Flowers are an essential part of your special day. From the bouquets to the floral arrangements and beyond, you want to make sure you are in good hands. Our recommended florists are amazing and do magnificent work. Our clients that have used them have highly recommended all of them!

Michigan weddings can be very beautiful with all the different flowers we have available here. Whether you want the classic rose, tulips, hydrangeas or a calla lily, you’re sure to find what you want at these great florists.

Lasting Touch

If your big day is going to be located in an Oakland County wedding venue you should definitely check out Lasting Touch. They can provide you with lovely arrangements from classical to modern looks. They also offer other rentals as well, such as chiavari chairs, arches and more.

One Enchanted Evening

Summer weddings in Michigan can be beautiful, especially when you have beautiful flowers. This lovely florist and event coordinator will make sure you have the perfect flowers for your big day and that reflect you and your personality! They can create your floral displays for the ceremony/reception, bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres.

Parsonage Events

If you want beautiful and interesting flowers at your wedding look no further than Parsonage Events. They offer excellent customer service and they will stay in contact with you until your event is complete. They offer custom paper and signage, calligraphy and graphic design, rental furniture and more as well. They can handle all your needs with ease and grace!

If you would like more information on these vendors, or need some more recommendations, contact us. And of course, if you are looking for a wedding venue in Michigan, we’d be happy to host your special day!

Brentwood's favorite Michigan DJs

Brentwood’s Favorite DJs

Plan your dream Michigan wedding using Brentwood’s recommended vendor list. We’ve had the opportunity to work with many different companies throughout the years. Based on these experiences our team has put together this list for you. The list mentions some of our favorite wedding entertainment companies. They are very professional and highly recommended by our clients.
The DJ you hire will help you host the celebration, plan the music and keep your guests engaged. These Michigan based entertainment companies have worked in hundreds of events in Michigan. Music will play an important role on your wedding reception, and we want to make sure wedding at Brentwood is a huge success.

Ultimate Entertainment

Ultimate Entertainment based in Lake Orion has experience hosting many Michigan Weddings. They will help provide great music and entertainment for all your guests. If you are looking for a friendly and professional DJ who is nice to work with ask for Joe.

Brentwood's favorite michigan DJs

Elite Entertainment

The Disk Jockeys from Elite Entertainment are great. These Djs will bring a lot of experience and energy to your wedding reception. They can do a lot more than just play music. They will make sure all the entertainment provided meets your expectations

Brentwood's favorite Michigan DJs

DJ Crashers

To make the best out of this memorable day, hire DJs that will help you create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding reception. This is an entertainment company from Lake Orion, Michigan. Their DJs are fun to work with. They have experience working on different wedding venues.

Brentwood's favorite Michigan DJs

Cinderella’s Wedding DJs

This is a Metro Detroit entertainment company. They will help you create the perfect soundtrack for your wedding reception. On their website, they provide a sample playlist of amazing songs for every special moment on your wedding. They are very professional and guarantee you and your guests will have the best possible experience.

Brentwood's favorite wedding DJs

If you need any more information about these and other vendors, contact us!

5 Tips For Planning an Outdoor Wedding at Brentwood Golf Club & Banquet Center

Brentwood Golf Club & Banquet Center is a great place to host outdoor weddings in Michigan. The picturesque green spaces nested in the beautiful lakes of White Lake Twp. Michigan, can be the dream setting for an outdoor wedding reception. After helping many happy couples host their weddings, we came up with 5 tips to help you plan an outdoor wedding.

Choose carefully the best spots to take photos:

When you are planning an outdoor wedding at a beautiful site, you will want to take advantage of the beautiful scenery to take your photos. Photographers can help you plan the ideal settings for your wedding photos in advance. If possible visit the venue with your photographer prior to the wedding and discuss the types of photos you want them to take. Try to choose at least three different outdoor areas where you would like most of your photos to be taken.

Brentwood Outdoor Wedding Michigan
Brentwood Wedding blog – Choose specific areas for your photos.

Don’t forget there it might get windy:

The bride sometimes forgets to think about the wind when they plan their outdoors wedding. To avoid messy hairstyles on your wedding day, we always recommend choosing an updo hairstyle to help keep your hair in place. The ideal hairstyle should highlight your facial features and compliment the neckline and back details of your dressBridal Guide gives you 50 ideas for updo wedding hairstyles.

Brentwood Wedding Blog Hairstyle tips for outdoor wedding in Michigan
Brentwood Wedding Blog Hairstyle tips for an Outdoor Wedding

Direct your guests to the right areas with signs:

Wedding venues will help you set up the chairs for your reception. However, you always want to make sure when people walk in to the site they know exactly what to do and where to go after they park their car. Signs are inexpensive decorations that will help your wedding guests feel more comfortable.

 Signs for a Brentwood Outdoor Wedding in Michigan
Brentwood Wedding Blog Sign – Tips for an Outdoor Wedding

Give out welcome bags:

Michigan’s weather can sometimes be hard to predict. To make sure your guests are comfortable during the reception you can give out welcome bags. These bags can help add a unique touch to your wedding. Items you can include in these bags are things like; paper umbrellas, folding fans and even bottles of water. can help you personalize your welcome bags with beautiful designs.
Outdoor Michigan wedding ideas Brentwood
Brentwood Wedding Blog – Welcome bag ideas

Keep the decorations simple:

For outdoor weddings, the expression “less is always more” always applies. Keeping the decorations to a minimum can help reduce costs, and give your reception an effortless yet elegant look. The fewer decorations used, the easier it will be to set up and secure items from the wind.

Decorating Tips for and Outdoor Wedding in Michgan
Brentwood Wedding Blog -Decoration Tips for and Outdoor Wedding

If you need help planning all of the details for your outdoor wedding in Michigan, our experienced staff can help provide the best guidance. Contact us today!

Unplug Your Wedding - Brentwood

Why & How More Couples are Having a Phone-Free Wedding

With the ability to pull out your phone and document the world around you it’s no surprise that phones are becoming increasingly popular at weddings. While this can lead to an abundance of great photos, especially with photo-sharing wedding apps, they can also be distracting and take away from your special day. One photographer summed it up with this photo & comment

Wedding Photographer Speaks Out Against Phones

Right, I’ve had enough. I want to talk to you all about guests using mobile phones / cameras at weddings. I want to plead with you, and I’m going to make this very simple: brides and grooms, please have a completely unplugged wedding ceremony.

Look at this photo. This groom had to lean out past the aisle just to see his bride approaching. Why? Because guests with their phones were in the aisle and in his way.


Now we’re not putting the blame entirely on the guests. It’s understandable to want to document these moments, and with the technology of phones it has become easier than ever. Yet there are ways to go phone-free and ensure your guests are observant, engaged, and don’t feel as if they’re missing out. Such as making sure your photographer knows you’re having an unplugged wedding, having him/her take plenty of photos, and remembering to distribute these photos among your guests to give them something to remember the wedding by.

Additional Tips:

Make a Sign

Unplugged Wedding Sign

Highlight it in the Program

Putting a simple note in your wedding program will ensure those who missed the sign are aware of your requests. Here is a template you can use

We want you to be able to relax and have fun with us today! This in mind, we invite you to put down all your favorite devices and just be present in the moment with us. Please leave your camera in your bag (we’ve got photography covered!), and put your cell phone on mute (we promise they’ll call back!).

We’re happy to share our professional wedding photos later, but the greatest gift you can give us today is just being fully here with us in this sacred and special moment.

Appoint a Friend to Monitor for Phones

We know, having phone police at your wedding may be… odd. However, appointing a friend to ask that somebody put their phone away in a polite and drama-free way will ensure all guests are on the same page.

Wedding Guest Taking Photo

Have Your Officiant Ask Guests to Power Down

Before the ceremony begins ask your officiant to say something like

The couple respectfully requests that all guests honor the sanctity of this moment by turning off cell phones and cameras.

This will be another polite reminder to not pull out phones or cameras and will inform any of those who missed the request.


Don’t Forget!

After the wedding be sure to share some of the photos your photographer took with your guests. Also, keep in mind the reception is different. In fact, some of the best reception photos come from guests who are capturing the experience for themselves. We recommend using an app such WedPics or a comparable app. This will allow all of the reception photos to be stored in one community album accessible by all guests. This makes for a great time during and after the reception.


Photo & Quote Credits: @patrioticlovers, Thomas Stewart PhotographyDiana Lewkowicz, OffBeatBride

Save Money on Your Wedding With These 16 Clever Tips (Infographic)

Saving Money on Your Wedding


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Serve beer, wine, and a signature cocktail

While full bars are nice, they are also expensive. By offering a selection of beer, wine, and a signature cocktail, everybody will be able to drink and have fun without
damaging your wallet.

Build your own playlist and have a friend DJ

Having a DJ is awesome, we can’t deny that. However, you can have a similar experience by building your own playlist and having a friend manage playback. If you’d like to take requests you can always get a service such as Apple Music or Spotify. This will allow you to play any song at any time without having it downloaded locally.

Buy a preowned dress

The wonderful thing about wedding dresses is that they are only worn once. This means you can usually find pre-owned dresses in almost new condition for a fraction of the price.

Get some friends and address your own envelopes

Instead of paying a company to address your wedding invitations you can grab a couple of friends, a bottle of wine, and a bunch of pens. This is not only efficient for saving money but it’s actually quite fun.

Skip physical invitations and go digital

You can skip the hassles of physical invitations all together and invite everybody digitally. Most people are on Facebook all day anyway, why not create an event for your wedding and invite your list? If some individuals aren’t active online make a few physical invitations for them. You’ll still be saving.

Book your wedding venue early!

Most venues are booked pretty far in advance which can make last minute booking a struggle. In a lot of cases, the later you book, the more you pay.

Have your ceremony and reception at the same place

Most venues will offer a discount if you book both your ceremony and reception there. This can be a huge time saver as well since nobody has to leave and travel to a new venue.

Print a single ceremony program for couples

By printing a single ceremony program you’ll be saving 50% on printing costs for each couple at your wedding. Who could say no to that?

Create your own photo booth

Photo booths are awesome. However, if you’re not looking to pay for one you can make your own. Some great ideas are having props and polaroid cameras for guests to take photos.

Get married before peak season starts

If you’re willing to compromise on the season this is a great way to cut costs. Getting married in the months leading up to peak season is significantly cheaper due to venues trying to fill gaps in their calendar.

Buy 1-2 types of flowers that are in season

By keeping your choices to 1-2 types of flowers and buying flowers that are currently in season you can reduce your floral budget by quite a bit.

Keep an eye out for sales

Everybody knows that sales are a great way to save money. Look for anything on sale that can be used at your wedding and be sure to act. This includes flowers, envelopes, decor, etc.

Arrange your flowers in plastic instead of glass

Instead of splurging on fancy glass find some comparable plastic. You can usually get a similar look for a much cheaper price.

Choose the buffet over the full course meal

Wedding food can get very costly in many circumstances. To offset this and save money, choose to offer a buffet. People generally enjoy buffets and will have more freedom to choose what they eat and how much they eat. In return your wedding ends up being a bit cheaper.

Receive your photos and videos digitally

Instead of springing for a DVD and photo album of your big night have your photographer send them digitally. You can always stream the videos from your computer and print out any photos you find to be the most valuable.

Don’t get married on a Saturday

Getting married on a Saturday is the most expensive day you can choose. Sure, a Tuesday wedding may be impractical, but it’s certainly cheaper.


Did you see any tips that you love? Were there tips we left out? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!