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Why & How More Couples are Having a Phone-Free Wedding

With the ability to pull out your phone and document the world around you it’s no surprise that phones are becoming increasingly popular at weddings. While this can lead to an abundance of great photos, especially with photo-sharing wedding apps, they can also be distracting and take away from your special day. One photographer summed it up with this photo & comment

Wedding Photographer Speaks Out Against Phones

Right, I’ve had enough. I want to talk to you all about guests using mobile phones / cameras at weddings. I want to plead with you, and I’m going to make this very simple: brides and grooms, please have a completely unplugged wedding ceremony.

Look at this photo. This groom had to lean out past the aisle just to see his bride approaching. Why? Because guests with their phones were in the aisle and in his way.


Now we’re not putting the blame entirely on the guests. It’s understandable to want to document these moments, and with the technology of phones it has become easier than ever. Yet there are ways to go phone-free and ensure your guests are observant, engaged, and don’t feel as if they’re missing out. Such as making sure your photographer knows you’re having an unplugged wedding, having him/her take plenty of photos, and remembering to distribute these photos among your guests to give them something to remember the wedding by.

Additional Tips:

Make a Sign

Unplugged Wedding Sign

Highlight it in the Program

Putting a simple note in your wedding program will ensure those who missed the sign are aware of your requests. Here is a template you can use

We want you to be able to relax and have fun with us today! This in mind, we invite you to put down all your favorite devices and just be present in the moment with us. Please leave your camera in your bag (we’ve got photography covered!), and put your cell phone on mute (we promise they’ll call back!).

We’re happy to share our professional wedding photos later, but the greatest gift you can give us today is just being fully here with us in this sacred and special moment.

Appoint a Friend to Monitor for Phones

We know, having phone police at your wedding may be… odd. However, appointing a friend to ask that somebody put their phone away in a polite and drama-free way will ensure all guests are on the same page.

Wedding Guest Taking Photo

Have Your Officiant Ask Guests to Power Down

Before the ceremony begins ask your officiant to say something like

The couple respectfully requests that all guests honor the sanctity of this moment by turning off cell phones and cameras.

This will be another polite reminder to not pull out phones or cameras and will inform any of those who missed the request.


Don’t Forget!

After the wedding be sure to share some of the photos your photographer took with your guests. Also, keep in mind the reception is different. In fact, some of the best reception photos come from guests who are capturing the experience for themselves. We recommend using an app such WedPics or a comparable app. This will allow all of the reception photos to be stored in one community album accessible by all guests. This makes for a great time during and after the reception.


Photo & Quote Credits: @patrioticlovers, Thomas Stewart PhotographyDiana Lewkowicz, OffBeatBride

Save Money on Your Wedding With These 16 Clever Tips (Infographic)

Saving Money on Your Wedding


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Serve beer, wine, and a signature cocktail

While full bars are nice, they are also expensive. By offering a selection of beer, wine, and a signature cocktail, everybody will be able to drink and have fun without
damaging your wallet.

Build your own playlist and have a friend DJ

Having a DJ is awesome, we can’t deny that. However, you can have a similar experience by building your own playlist and having a friend manage playback. If you’d like to take requests you can always get a service such as Apple Music or Spotify. This will allow you to play any song at any time without having it downloaded locally.

Buy a preowned dress

The wonderful thing about wedding dresses is that they are only worn once. This means you can usually find pre-owned dresses in almost new condition for a fraction of the price.

Get some friends and address your own envelopes

Instead of paying a company to address your wedding invitations you can grab a couple of friends, a bottle of wine, and a bunch of pens. This is not only efficient for saving money but it’s actually quite fun.

Skip physical invitations and go digital

You can skip the hassles of physical invitations all together and invite everybody digitally. Most people are on Facebook all day anyway, why not create an event for your wedding and invite your list? If some individuals aren’t active online make a few physical invitations for them. You’ll still be saving.

Book your wedding venue early!

Most venues are booked pretty far in advance which can make last minute booking a struggle. In a lot of cases, the later you book, the more you pay.

Have your ceremony and reception at the same place

Most venues will offer a discount if you book both your ceremony and reception there. This can be a huge time saver as well since nobody has to leave and travel to a new venue.

Print a single ceremony program for couples

By printing a single ceremony program you’ll be saving 50% on printing costs for each couple at your wedding. Who could say no to that?

Create your own photo booth

Photo booths are awesome. However, if you’re not looking to pay for one you can make your own. Some great ideas are having props and polaroid cameras for guests to take photos.

Get married before peak season starts

If you’re willing to compromise on the season this is a great way to cut costs. Getting married in the months leading up to peak season is significantly cheaper due to venues trying to fill gaps in their calendar.

Buy 1-2 types of flowers that are in season

By keeping your choices to 1-2 types of flowers and buying flowers that are currently in season you can reduce your floral budget by quite a bit.

Keep an eye out for sales

Everybody knows that sales are a great way to save money. Look for anything on sale that can be used at your wedding and be sure to act. This includes flowers, envelopes, decor, etc.

Arrange your flowers in plastic instead of glass

Instead of splurging on fancy glass find some comparable plastic. You can usually get a similar look for a much cheaper price.

Choose the buffet over the full course meal

Wedding food can get very costly in many circumstances. To offset this and save money, choose to offer a buffet. People generally enjoy buffets and will have more freedom to choose what they eat and how much they eat. In return your wedding ends up being a bit cheaper.

Receive your photos and videos digitally

Instead of springing for a DVD and photo album of your big night have your photographer send them digitally. You can always stream the videos from your computer and print out any photos you find to be the most valuable.

Don’t get married on a Saturday

Getting married on a Saturday is the most expensive day you can choose. Sure, a Tuesday wedding may be impractical, but it’s certainly cheaper.


Did you see any tips that you love? Were there tips we left out? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!